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When Should I Consider Dental Crowns?

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Are you wondering whether you need a crown? In this post, we’ll discuss the what, the when, and the how of a dental crown to help you make an informed decision.

What Is a Dental Crown?

Let’s begin by discussing what a dental crown is. Dental crowns, also known as caps, are tooth-shaped coverings that are made for individual teeth. They are used to improve a tooth’s appearance by changing the size, strength, and shape of the tooth. Dental crowns can be made of many different materials including ceramic, porcelain, acrylic, and gold and metal alloys. Because porcelain and ceramic can be made to match the color of natural teeth, these materials are often used to make crowns that are for the front teeth.

When Should I Consider a Dental Crown?

You should consider a dental crown if your tooth has become weakened or damaged by decay. A crown can hold a tooth together and keep it from breaking. Additionally, if you have a severely discolored or misshapen tooth, a dental crown will cover the natural tooth and improve its appearance. You might also consider a dental crown for structural reasons like holding a dental bridge in place or covering a dental implant. If your tooth is severely worn down or cracked, you may need a dental crown to support the natural tooth.

How Is a Dental Crown Placed?

Your dentist will start the placing process by numbing the tooth and gum tissue around the tooth. This is so that the tooth can be filed down to make room for the dental crown. Next, an impression of the tooth is made so that a mold can be sent to a dental lab that will custom-make a crown that fits perfectly over your teeth. While your crown is being made you’ll get a temporary crown for about two to three weeks. When the dental crown is ready, your dentist will remove the temporary crown and cement the permanent dental crown into place.

How Do You Care for a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns typically last between five to fifteen years, depending upon how much wear and tear they suffer and how well you take care of them. Luckily, you take care of a dental crown in the same way you take care of your natural teeth. Floss at least once a day and brush your dental crown when you brush your teeth. Brush twice a day for at least two minutes each time. This is important because you’re not just caring for the dental crown but for the tooth underneath, as well. See our August blog post for more information about caring for your dental crown.

If you are considering dental crowns, give us a call today to schedule a consultation.


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