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Bone Grafting in Corvallis, OR

Dental bone grafts are designed to add volume and density to your jaw when you’ve experienced bone loss. This can be necessary for patients who require a dental implant but whose jaw has lost the necessary density to support the implant. At Corvallis Dental Group, we provide bone grafting services so our patients can get the restorative dental care they need to reach their smile goals. Call our office to schedule your appointment today!

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Why Does Bone Loss Occur

Some of the most common reasons for bone loss are infection, periodontal disease, and a lack of stimulation. Infections like periodontal disease allow bacteria to grow and destroy the structures of the teeth and bones. The teeth also stimulate the jawbone when you’re chewing and biting. This stimulation triggers the jawbone to restore and strengthen itself to support the force applied to it.

Are Bone Grafts Common?

Yes! A bone graft is a common and necessary process for several patients. The necessity of this procedure allows both general dentists and specialists to learn and administer the procedure.

Are Bone Grafts Safe?

Yes! Bone grafts are a safe procedure with a high success rate. Like all invasive procedures, however, there is a possibility of failure with the procedure. Be sure to bring any questions you have to us. We’re happy to answer them!

How Does A Bone Graft Work

When you’ve experienced bone loss in the teeth and jaw, the graft material essentially serves as a guide for your natural bone to follow and grow around. This regrowth and strengthening of the bone aids in the prevention of further bone loss and even premature aging.

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