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3 Things You Need To Know About Oral Surgery

Corvallis Dental Group in Corvallis, OR offers root canal therapy, tooth extractions and wisdom teeth removal. Our local dental practice is comfortable and conveniently located. We look forward to seeing you! Contact us for your oral surgery needs.

3 Foods To Help Keep Your Smile Bright & Healthy

Corvallis Dental Group will help your family achieve and maintain bright, healthy smiles. For example, routine dental cleanings and teeth whitening treatments are just two of our offerings that can give your teeth a boost! Call us today to schedule your individualized care.

How We Can Help Treat Your Sleep Apnea

Are you ready to improve your sleep? Our team at Corvallis Dental Group is trained to provide sleep apnea treatment. Getting a good nights’ sleep makes everything easier to cope with during the day. Don’t wait to book your sleep apnea consultation. Call today!

Dental Crowns vs Dental Bridges

The Corvallis Dental Group team understands how important it is to have a full smile and we’re committed to helping you regain one. At your tooth replacement consultation, we’ll help you determine whether a dental or dental bridge best fits your needs.

How to Prevent Gum Disease

Corvallis Dental Group offers preventive treatments to help you avoid gum disease. But if you are dealing with gum disease symptoms, our team at can help you come up with a treatment plan to restore your gums to health. Call to schedule your next appointment!

Am I Prone to Cavities?

If you need help with cavity prevention, don’t hesitate to contact Corvallis Dental Group. Our expert team is happy to help you in the fight against cavities with our comprehensive dental services. By treating cavities early, we can prevent bigger oral health problems later on.

Is Teeth Whitening for You?

Professional teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment, which means most insurance plans won’t cover it. Corvallis Dental Group accepts CareCredit, which breaks up the cost into more affordable monthly payments! Please contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Diabetes & Oral Health

Whether you are due for a routine checkup or want to enhance the look and function of your smile, our staff at Corvallis Dental Group would love to see you. We offer comprehensive preventive dental care to help keep your teeth and gums healthy and ward off decay.
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