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Sedation Dentistry in Corvallis, OR

We strive to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for our patients to sit back, relax, and get the quality dental care they deserve. In addition to our cozy office, we also offer sedation options to help those with dental anxiety or those in need of more extensive treatments. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable and safe in our care. Please share your thoughts or concerns with us, so our team can know how to best help you during your visit.

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Is Sedation Dentistry Right For You?

Are you unsure whether or not you’d benefit from sedation? Here are some of the top reasons that you may want to utilize sedation dentistry during your visit:

  • You are fearful about visiting the dentist
  • You are nervous about getting shots or injections
  • You have sensitive teeth
  • You have a strong gag reflex
  • You have trouble sitting still for long periods

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Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, commonly referred to as laughing gas, is a mild form of sedation that we often use for patients with little to moderate dental anxiety or for patients undergoing a procedure. It is administered through a soft, flexible nose mask and has a sweet aroma. The effects of the nitrous oxide gas are instant and you will notice right a way a feeling of contentment and well-being. Once the treatment is complete or the appointment is over, we will remove the mask and you will return to feeling normal after a few breaths of fresh air. Nitrous oxide won’t impede on your daily activities after you leave our office and it will give you the ability to conquer your dental appointments and maintain great oral health.

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Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is administered through a prescribed pill that you will take a designated amount of time before your appointment begins. Timing is important because the goal of the pill is that it will start working by the time of your treatment starts. With the calming effects of oral conscious sedation, you’ll transcend into a deep state of relaxation, yet still remain conscious and able to communicate with our team. Since the effects of the pill can last after your appointment is complete, we recommend that you bring a family member or a friend to take you home after your dental visit.

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