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Is My Toothache an Emergency?

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Toothaches can occur for many reasons and the severity of toothaches can vary. Sometimes toothaches will subside on their own, while others may require emergency dental care. If a toothache doesn’t subside, it’s important to visit your dentist so that they can identify the root cause of your toothache and provide proper treatment.

Causes of Toothaches

There are many factors that can potentially cause toothaches.

  • Cavities

  • Tooth decay can cause a toothache when the cavity reaches the nerves inside of the tooth. Cavities can cause persistent tooth pain that may worsen when eating or biting down.

  • Dental Abscess

  • An abscess is a pocket of pus near a tooth caused by an infection. It can cause severe tooth pain, throbbing, or swelling.

  • Enamel Erosion

  • Enamel erosion leaves the layers of the tooth exposed to the elements. When enamel thins or completely erodes, you may feel increased tooth sensitivity and a toothache.

  • Gum Recession

  • Gum recession exposes the tooth roots which can cause sensitivity and an aching sensation.

When is a Toothache an Emergency?

It’s important to know when a toothache constitutes a dental emergency. There are a few signs and symptoms you can watch for to determine if you should seek emergency dental care for your toothache.

  • Bleeding from gums
  • Chronic, persistent tooth pain
  • Dental injury to teeth or gums
  • Swollen jaw, gums, or cheeks
  • Worsening abscess

If you have any of the symptoms above, it’s important to contact an emergency dentist right away. They can examine your tooth and treat your chronic toothache. Make sure you don’t let a serious toothache go untreated, as it can lead to more serious dental issues.

Emergency Dentistry in Corvallis, OR

Corvallis Dental Group provides emergency dentistry for our community. If you’re experiencing a toothache, please give us a call. We can determine if you need emergency dental care or if we need to schedule you for a regular appointment. Contact our office today!

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