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Is My Toothache an Emergency?

Corvallis Dental Group in Corvallis, OR provides emergency dentistry for our community. If you’re experiencing a toothache, give us a call. We can determine if you need emergency dental care or if we need to schedule you for a regular appointment.

Dental Emergency Guide

We always save room in our daily schedule for emergencies. Drs. Jason and Rose Greyslak are here to make scary situations less frightening and provide high-quality care no matter what the issue is. Please contact us today if you need emergency dentistry!

When Is a Dental Issue an Emergency?

Read our blog post to learn which dental issues require urgent care and how to handle them. We also recommend items to include in a dental first aid kit. Call us at 541-754-6116 for emergency dental care at Corvallis Dental Group in Corvallis, Oregon!
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