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Categories for Sedation Dentistry

Managing Dental Anxiety

Think sedation dentistry might be a good solution to your anxiety? Ask us about it at your next appointment, or give us a call and we can chat about your options! We don’t want any of our patients to put off getting the dental care they need because of anxiety!

Dealing with Dental Anxiety

Corvallis Dental Group is equipped to treat patients with a variety of unique needs and concerns. Our team works hard to be sure everyone feels comfortable at our office. Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from the dental care you need.

When to Consider Sedation Dentistry

We offer two options for sedation dentistry to make your experience at our office more comfortable. You’ll be awake for both options, which are completely safe when administered and monitored by our dental professionals. Don’t put off necessary treatment because of fear or anxiety. Your dental health matters to us at Corvallis Dental Group.
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