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Is My Toothache an Emergency?

Corvallis Dental Group in Corvallis, OR provides emergency dentistry for our community. If you’re experiencing a toothache, give us a call. We can determine if you need emergency dental care or if we need to schedule you for a regular appointment.

How To Know if You Need a Mouthguard

Custom mouthguards can prevent dental injuries and improve your dental health. Contact the Corvallis Dental Group in Corvallis, OR to determine if you are a good candidate for a sports mouthguard or a nightguard to prevent damage from teeth grinding.

3 Flossing Tips You Didn’t Know

Patients of all ages, including kids, should brush and floss every day! Routine dental cleanings and exams are essential too, so if it has been awhile since we’ve seen you, give Corvallis Dental Group in Corvallis, OR a call to schedule your next visit.

3 Foods To Help Keep Your Smile Bright & Healthy

Corvallis Dental Group will help your family achieve and maintain bright, healthy smiles. For example, routine dental cleanings and teeth whitening treatments are just two of our offerings that can give your teeth a boost! Call us today to schedule your individualized care.

How to Prevent Gum Disease

Corvallis Dental Group offers preventive treatments to help you avoid gum disease. But if you are dealing with gum disease symptoms, our team at can help you come up with a treatment plan to restore your gums to health. Call to schedule your next appointment!

Why Are My Teeth Yellow?

Most causes of yellow teeth can be addressed with improved oral hygiene or professional teeth whitening. If your teeth have stains that can’t be removed by whitening, we also offer dental veneers. Contact Corvallis Dental Group to book a consultation.
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